A woman sits inside an abortion facility and makes a call to a Pregnancy Help Center. Surprisingly, it does happen. The phone rings at Life Choices Women’s Clinic in Phoenix, and on the other end is a woman looking for help paying for her abortion. What inspired the call? Vitae Foundation’s Internet optimization led her to Life Choices.

That’s right. A simple “help pay for abortion” Internet phone search connected an abortion-minded woman with one of 71 Pregnancy Help Centers across the country that unite efforts with Vitae.

Life Choices Executive Director Sheila Riely told “Gabriela” (not her real name) she would be happy to help with her situation. Gabriela left the abortion facility and went to Riely’s center. Once there, Gabriela learned she had other options available—options that did not include loss of life.

Riely explained that in Phoenix women can apply to abortion facilities to get help to pay for their abortion through groups like the National Abortion Federation.

“They were giving her money, which I didn’t realize when we were talking on the phone. I asked her, ‘Why don’t you take the money you have and get an apartment for a good start?’ We had already established that she didn’t want the abortion,” Riely noted. Gabriela’s answer was a shocking one.

“They’ll help me with the abortion, but they won’t help me with my life,” Gabriela remarked.

This young woman was in the bowels of the abortion network, and Vitae’s Internet strategies changed everything. “I believe this made the difference in that baby’s life,” Riely shared.

Life Choices has an apartment on their premises, and they put her up there for a short time. Then they were able to get Gabriela into a local maternity home. There she gets pre-natal care and has stability. If she stays with that program she will do very well, Riely indicated. It’s typically around six months after the baby is born when clients are stable enough to be able to leave, but they take care of them until they are on their feet.