Sarah came into the center and appeared to be very guarded. She was very open that having a baby at this time was extremely inconvenient. She had just moved back in with her parents and was already watching her step-mom’s 2-year-old daughter. Sarah said that her parents were going to be so angry with her. Her boyfriend was also pressuring her to abort. He told her that it was not the right time and that they could have a baby later. Sarah stated she was 50/50 on the abortion scale, but if she could see arms and legs on the ultrasound she would not abort.

When we went to the ultrasound she was too early to see arms and legs. However, Sarah showed emotion during the ultrasound and was tearful throughout the process. One week after the ultrasound, her client advocate contacted her and the first thing out of Sarah’s mouth was, “I’m keeping my baby!” She let us know she is going to need help with baby supplies but that she could not go through with an abortion.

We are so amazed at how spending time with our clients and showing them life on the ultrasound can be such a life changer. We are so grateful that Sarah found us online and chose life!