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Results are measured by how Vitae is affecting the culture.


  • the public dialog to emphasize the pro-woman approach to pass pro-life legislation
  • how to affect pro-life litigation to ensure a pro-woman public discourse
  • how sidewalk advocates speak to women coming to abortion facilities
  • how pregnancy centers talk to abortion-determined women
  • how to effectively market PHCs to abortion-seeking women

Why you matter

With the help of our supporters, Vitae is reaching women first—before the abortion industry—and THAT matters!  Please read some of our exciting success stories!

Sheila & Carly

“Sheila” was pretty far along before she broke down and told her mother she was pregnant.  Deep down, she knew her mother wouldn’t be happy.  She never dreamed she’d hear these words, “You can kill yourself or kill your baby!” When Sheila reached out for help, she found Hand ‘N Hand Pregnancy Center.  There she was…

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As a Christian, Shayla never thought she would consider having an abortion. But the day she walked into Southside Pregnancy Center, she felt she had no other choice. Abortion was the answer. Shayla’s hands were full. She was already a single mother parenting a one-year-old. She had growing concerns about the relationship with the father of…

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Sarah came into the center and appeared to be very guarded. She was very open that having a baby at this time was extremely inconvenient. She had just moved back in with her parents and was already watching her step-mom’s 2-year-old daughter. Sarah said that her parents were going to be so angry with her.…

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Sapphire & Stephanie

“Sapphire” came to Parkville Women’s Clinic (PWC) wanting abortion information. As the nurse told her about the abortion procedure, tears ran down her cheek. She was given an ultrasound, and she saw her baby at 9-weeks. Her response: “I don’t think I can do this.” Did she mean she couldn’t go through with the pregnancy?…

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Speaker Endorsements

  • Vitae understands that you have to combine research—facts—with an effective mode of delivery. This is what shifts people’s beliefs. We have the power to win this great pro-life struggle. Vitae has an indispensable role.

    Dinesh D’Souza, author and movie/documentary writer and producer


Donate a life tomorrow. Vitae needs your help! If a woman contemplating an abortion doesn’t see Vitae’s messaging, she ends up at an abortion facility instead of a life-affirming Pregnancy Help Center. It’s that simple. Please donate today.

How Can You Help?

It's lifesaving! If you have a passion for Vitae's mission, you can volunteer in a number of ways—at our headquarters in Jefferson City, Missouri, or at one of our events across the country. We would love to meet you!

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