Saving Grace

The Planned Parenthood Brand & Branding PHCs

By Carl Landwehr and Jeff Pauls, Ph.D.

“It made me feel like I needed to go to a real doctor and Planned Parenthood clearly had ulterior motives.” ~Vitae Research Participant

Vitae Foundation completed our seventh in-depth Right Brain Research study with Dr. Charles Kenny, involving over 70 women who went to Planned Parenthood for services including birth control and abortion.  By investigating current marketing messages of the abortion advocates, Vitae can better articulate the pro-life message in a more effective and persuasive manner.  The findings from this study are divided into three main areas:

  1. The strengths and weaknesses of the Planned Parenthood brand; (read part 1)
  2. The “healthcare” message now being marketed by Planned Parenthood; (read part 2)
  3. Building the Pregnancy Help Center brand; (read part 3)

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