Michelle Brown

“I went on the Console and read the Right Brain research and it was spot on in what I was feeling and what I sensed in understanding the consumer process of women who were abortion-minded.  I’m post-abortive, so I can totally relate to all of it.  It made sense.”

Whitney Bradley

“I realized I needed a paradigm shift.  It was at this point that Vitae Foundation waltzed in and dropped the tool to affect change into my lap,” Bradley stated.  “Here was scientific data on what the culture is thinking on the issue of abortion. All we had to do was apply the research to our messaging.”

Marion Minor

“Vitae’s research gave us the tools that we didn’t previously have.  Having the research to back up what you’re talking about gave pro-life lobbyists the confidence to speak to lawmakers and to be affirmed and empowered to do the right thing.”

Georgette Forney

“My abortion was not about birth control—it was about fear.  Fear of ruining my current reputation and future dreams.  Fear of people finding out I wasn’t a “good” girl.  Someone finally understood why I had an abortion and had research to support it!”