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“Aurora” had been to an abortion clinic to get a pregnancy test. “They pressured her to abort and she was tempted,” according to Astrid Bennett, Executive Director of Los Angeles Pregnancy Services (LAPS). Aurora went home to think about it. Still tempted by abortion but feeling unsure she saw LAPS’ ad in El Clasificado and made the call.

“While at LAPS, Aurora poured her heart out to our counselor, Alma, about feeling overwhelmed by her pregnancy and her problems. Alma encouraged her to trust God and to let us help her get through the problems she was facing in her life,” Bennett shared.

Aurora chose life!

While Aurora was nine months pregnant, she shared her thoughts with Bennett. “LAPS was the only place that told me my baby is a blessing. And they are right! I am so happy I am having my baby. I’m due this week and my other children are so excited. They already named their little brother Andrew.”

It’s official, as Andrew made his debut later in the month.

“When Aurora visited us today we all felt so overwhelmed by how cute and precious little Andrew is! We were also so impressed at how happy and relaxed Aurora looked at just days from having given birth via C-section. The peace and joy in her face was obvious,” Bennett noted.

“I felt so much pressure to have an abortion,” Aurora told LAPS. “I was so depressed. Coming to LAPS changed everything. The counselor’s kind words and encouragement made me feel reassured. I am strong. I can do this. I am so happy and I love my little boy!”

Aurora also shared that after her initial visit to LAPS, the abortion clinics kept calling her. “I was so happy to be having my baby that I just changed my number so they would stop calling me. I am so happy that I came here to LAPS.”

Bennett is pretty happy as well, offering one last comment: “Thank you, Vitae Foundation!”

  • Why can’t we see groups like Vitae on a national level, multiplied by ten?

    Laura Ingraham, Radio talk show host


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