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A woman with very little means was at the end of her rope. The clock was ticking. She knew when the calendar hit September she would deliver the child she knew she couldn’t care for. “Dashanna” needed to talk to someone. Leaving her public housing apartment, Dashanna took public transportation to the local public library. Not owning a computer, or a phone, this was her only way to access a computer and search for help. She found Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center, thanks to Vitae’s Internet strategies that made Janet Durig’s center jump off the page during Dashanna’s search.
“She just needed someone to talk to,” Durig stated. “She was rather late in her pregnancy, and she didn’t really want an abortion, but her back was against the wall.”

As Durig listened, she learned this frantic woman had lost her job and already had three other children. The father of the baby wanted nothing to do with this pregnancy. Dashanna lamented she couldn’t keep the baby, but she didn’t know what to do.

“I explained that I could get a licensed adoption agency introduced to her and they could meet with her here at our center. They would answer all her questions. I offered to sit in as her advocate,” the Captiol Hill Pregnancy Center director explained. “We prayed together, for her, the baby, finding a job, etc. She cried when she left, saying it was so good just to talk to someone.”

That was late May. Months went by and nobody at Durig’s center heard from Dashanna. In September Durig was attending the Care Net Conference in Dallas. Care Net is one of two national Christian pregnancy center associations. It just happened that Vitae VP’s Stacey Kromer and Debbie Stokes were there with Durig when she received a phone call—from Dashanna—who was in labor!

“I told Debbie and Stacey to pray as I took that call!” Durig noted.

Dashanna had made it to a friend’s apartment in order to call Janet. “I’m in labor and will have to walk to the hospital. You know, Miss Janet, I should have taken you up on that adoption. I don’t know what to do!”

With years of experience in counseling women, Miss Janet reassured Dashanna that everything would be ok. With the baby coming, Dashanna feared the foster care system would ultimately get her child, and that scared her.

“Don’t commit to foster care!” Durig pleaded over the phone. They prayed together and Dashanna asked if adoption was still an option.
After telling Dashanna to get to the hospital, Durig went into action, calling the Barker Foundation in Maryland. She spoke with a friend there and said she didn’t know how quickly they could act, but swift action was needed. Durig was told Dashanna would have to contact them. Oh boy, Durig thought, she doesn’t even have a phone!

When she phoned the hospital’s ER Durig was told Dashanna had been admitted. When transferred to the nurse’s station the nurse asked, “Are you the pregnancy center lady? She’s been waiting to hear from you!”

Durig gave Dashanna the phone number to the Barker Foundation. The rest, as they say, was in God’s hands. Janet returned to her conference and that evening received a text from a contact at Barker. They had been with Dashanna throughout the day and she had her baby. No information could be given if it was a boy or girl, just that the baby had been delivered. Dashanna had a message she’d asked to be delivered to Janet: “Dashanna says, ‘Thank you! Thank you!’”

That message goes out beyond Janet and Captiol Hill Pregnancy Center. Those words are meant for everyone who has helped Vitae reach women like Dashanna.

“Here is a woman that goes to a library to figure out who to talk to and because of your Internet strategies, a gift was given,” Durig stated with exuberance. “Then being at that conference and with Vitae there, it was like angels floating all over the place and pulling pieces of the puzzle together!”
In 2013 Durig reported they saved 1,142 mothers and their babies from abortion. Of those, 824 came to them via the Internet. Vitae’s Internet strategies have helped increase Capitol Hill’s website hits from 200-300 a month to 12,000-15,000 a month. That’s a lot of “Thank You’s!” 

  • My abortion was not about birth control—it was about fear. Fear of ruining my current reputation and future dreams. Fear of people finding out I wasn’t a “good” girl. Someone finally understood why I had an abortion and had research to support it!

    Georgette Forney, Silent No More


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