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Jamie, a 37-year-old grade school teacher, came in after finding us on the Internet. She is a mother of four children, her youngest being 18 months. She openly stated, “I do not know how I can financially manage another baby.” Jamie was emotional and honest throughout the entire intake process. She explained how she and her boyfriend could barely make ends meet as it was and adding another baby to that mix was unimaginable.

Jamie explained that she has always been against abortion and that she could not understand people that had them. However, now that she was in this situation she thought that was her only option. Her client advocate went through her options thoroughly. We discussed how we could help with diapers, wipes and formula. We shared that we are here for her with whatever choice she makes.

After the pregnancy test Jamie went to her ultrasound appointment. We quickly realized that Jamie was farther along than expected. She originally thought she was six weeks, but she was actually ten weeks. She could clearly see the heartbeat and the baby’s movement. She was commenting on how cute her baby was. There was a definite shift in Jamie during and after the ultrasound. She let us know that she changed her mind and that she is going to parent. She openly stated that she is too far along and that both she and her boyfriend agreed that if she was further than nine weeks they would parent.

Jamie still knows that it’s going to be difficult. I assured her that we are here and wanted to help her. When Jamie left, you could sense the release as she made her decision.

  • America has done a disservice to the world by elevating abortion. This means that your work is even more important.

    Star Parker, Founder and President of CURE


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