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Eddie Mulholland

Eddie Mulholland has been associated with the Vitae Foundation for 25 years as a staunch supporter of its work. Eddie has made the transition from supporter to Vitae Market Director for the greater Kansas City and Saint Joseph areas. A retired science educator and Catholic School principal, Eddie will bring his love for educating others to the high-stakes landscape of educating and motivating all about protecting mothers and their babies. He is honored to share with people the fact that the Vitae Foundation is the world leader in research of abortion decision-making.

Eddie was instrumental in developing the soccer program for the Jefferson City YMCA and help galvanize the community to build the Knowles YMCA gymnasium. Together, with his dear friend Art Firley, they obtained the Jefferson City Racket Club and the Hwy 179 soccer fields for the YMCA.

His passion for youth sports has also led him to referee for the Missouri State High School Athletics Association (MSHSAA). Eddie can be found refereeing basketball, volleyball and soccer throughout Mid-Missouri and during state tournaments. In the realm of high school soccer, he is a State Assessor, overseeing Mechanics Clinics and a Rules Interpreter for MSHSAA. Eddie also referees soccer on the college level for the NCAA and NAIA. Eddie has been a member of the Lions Club, is a 4th Degree member of the Knights of Columbus, and a member of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.

Eddie is married to Annie Vanderfeltz Mulholland, and they have four adult children (Maureen Grace, Heather Mae, Kylie Ann and Eddie Jr.).

  • The Vitae Foundation is sending messages into our country and into our culture about the value of human life and the value of unborn children.

    Andrew Klavan, international bestselling author and screenwriter of the “Gospel” movie


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