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Stacey Kromer

Stacey Kromer is a native of Jefferson City, Missouri, and believes that her upbringing in this community contributed toward her values, beliefs and work ethic. She has been a vital part of the Vitae team since 2003. Stacey was named a vice president in 2007 and has concentrated on fundraising and development of a large portion of the United States. The Dallas/Fort Worth media market has become a second home of sorts, where she has raised funds to implement traditional media campaigns (television and billboards) and helped maintain a year-round Internet presence for the last five years. These campaigns have resulted in over 10,000 contacts to Pregnancy Help Centers. Because Vitae’s mission is Stacey’s passion, she has earnestly strived to raise the greatest amount of funds possible to purchase the most effective media campaigns available. Over the last eight years she has raised over $6 million, a remarkable accomplishment achieved by only a few seasoned fundraisers.

Before coming to Vitae Stacey worked in sports marketing for over 15 years at Learfield Communications, the sports marketing powerhouse who was responsible for getting the first Vitae ads aired through the Missouri Tiger Football and Basketball Radio Network. Her career at Vitae began as the event coordinator and as her passion grew, so did her duties. She was soon named the event director and over the course of her employment, Stacey has been promoted a number of times.

While working in the events department, Kromer integrated new ideas and organizational techniques to improve the events’ fundraising potential and professional appearance. Over a dozen events per year where hosted in Missouri. In 2004, she logged over 22,000 miles traveling the highways and byways of Missouri. Soon we grew beyond our Missouri borders to include community events and home gatherings in Dallas; Seattle; Washington, D.C.; Orange County, California; and Philadelphia.

Seeing her potential to excel in fundraising and leadership, Vitae sent her to the nationally recognized Institute of Charitable Giving seminars: The Art of Asking and Seize the Opportunity. Those learning opportunities helped propel her to become the exceptional fundraising professional that she is today. Stacey attended Jefferson City High School and graduated in the top 4 percent out of 594 students. From high school, she furthered her education at University of Central Missouri. She is married and considers her husband and family to be her life’s biggest achievements

  • The Vitae Foundation is sending messages into our country and into our culture about the value of human life and the value of unborn children.

    Andrew Klavan, international bestselling author and screenwriter of the “Gospel” movie


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