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Vitae Foundation is a non-profit, educational organization focused on creating a Culture of Life by using research-based messaging and cutting edge media to inform women facing an untimely pregnancy about local Pregnancy Help Centers; educating the public about the value and sanctity of human life; and restoring the value of life as a core belief in the American culture.
Vitae has become a resource and standard bearer for pro-life media both nationally and internationally. It is unique in the scope of expertise it offers the pro-life community.

Vitae provides everything from quantitative and qualitative research of selected audiences and markets to professionally produced ad messages.

Additionally, Vitae lends expert advice on marketing strategies, as well as use of its messages to collaborating respect life organizations and Pregnancy Help Centers. Vitae subscribes to the belief held by our Founding Fathers:

“That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

How would you market life if it were a product?

A History Lesson


The Vitae Foundation has a rich history of involvement in the area of pro-life media and research. Established in 1992, the organization has evolved from a Missouri focused media group to a national leader in the use of media and research to benefit everyone involved in pro-life efforts.

Vitae ads work! Since its inception, Vitae has saved 82,000 lives, which would fill your average NFL stadium.

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Mission & Vision

It is Vitae Foundation’s intent to go where others fear to go. With the majority of abortions taking place in metropolitan areas, Vitae takes its messaging into the heart of cities where abortions outnumber live births.

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The Vitae Foundation knew that to be effective it must have a solid base of research about its audience. Primarily focusing on women facing unplanned, unwanted pregnancies, Vitae pioneered a series of landmark studies working with The Right Brain People® that resulted in a complete paradigm shift within the pro-life arena.

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Seventh in-depth Right Brain Research project with Dr. Charles Kenny

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Trauma of Abortion

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Abortion: A Failure to Communicate

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Debbie Stokes


Debbie Stokes, a 20-year veteran with the Vitae Foundation, has been named its new president effective July 1, 2018.

Over the years, Stokes has played a critical role on almost all of Vitae’s television ad shoots.  She helped choose the production teams keeping in mind the cultural issues relating to each commercial.  Stokes knew it was important to maintain production teams that were known for their expertise to prevent costly mistakes relating to a cultural community outside of their own.

Full Bio

Carl Landwehr

Founder / Past President / Strategic Adviser

Carl Landwehr has been involved in efforts to restore value to human life since 1974. He holds a Masters in Social Science / Sociology. He is founder, past president and strategic adviser of the Vitae Foundation, a national not-for-profit organization which researches and designs mass media strategies to reduce the number of abortions and encourage a culture of life. Vitae campaigns are now being used throughout the United States and selected foreign countries using traditional venues like radio and TV as well as the Internet and social media platforms.
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Executive Staff and Board of Directors

Executive Staff

  • Debbie Stokes, President/CEO
  • Carl Landwehr, Founder / Strategic Advisor
  • Gail Quigley, CFO
  • Kenney Newville, Director of Marketing & Research Application
  • Doug Callahan, Director of Development

Market Directors

  • Carl Landwehr, Past President/Founder/Sr. Market Dir.
  • Doug Callahan, Director of Development
  • Stacey Kromer, Sr. Market Director
  • John Goedde, Market Director
  • Eddie Mulholland, Market Director

Board of Directors

  • Rev. Thomas P. Krause, Chairman (Overland Park, KS)
  • Lindsey Bachman, Vice Chairman (St. Joseph, MO)
  • Jason P. Homec, Interim Treasurer (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Jennifer Schmidt, Secretary (Olathe, KS)
  • Shannon J. Santschi, Director (Kansas City, MO)
  • Doug Bax, Director (Jefferson City, MO)
  • Larry M. Rohrbach, Director (California, MO)
  • Jason C. Imlay, Director (Olathe, KS)

Market Directors

Carl Landwehr

San Diego
San Francisco
Northwest States

Doug Callahan 

Director of Development 

Stacey Kromer

Jefferson City

John Goedde

Lake of the Ozark
Washington D.C.

Eddie Mulholland

Kansas City
Northern States

Eddie Mulholland

Kansas City
Northern States


Some of the top leaders, media personalities and sports figures in the country have spoken on behalf of the Vitae Foundation.

How very grateful I am to you [Carl] and Vitae for all that is being done on behalf of the protection of innocent human life – from the very moment of conception. . . My prayers for every success. One say soon, I remain convinced that our beloved nation shall again follow the Lord’s Will for life.
Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York
The Vitae Foundation has had amazing results with their television advertising that has increased pro-life sentiments among the general population in the areas where they appeared.
Sean Cardinal O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston
That’s why it’s important that ads by Vitae be there. Because Vitae can’t be inside the abortion clinic, but we can be there so women never set foot inside the abortion clinic. And that is the goal! Planned Parenthood spends millions in research to reach their demographic. Well, guess what? Vitae does their research too…and their ads work!
Abby Johnson, Former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic
Everybody should ask this question: If you didn’t show up, who would miss you and why? If Vitae hadn’t shown up, think of the babies today who would not be here if it weren’t for them. That’s the greatest contribution we could make to our fellow human beings.
Lou Holtz, Notre Dame Football Coach
While there are many different avenues and many different ways all of us in the pro-life movement are trying to change the culture of America to a pro-life culture, the fact is what Vitae is doing is truly one of the most—if not the most innovative approach that exists anywhere in America today. And the results are astounding.
Mike Huckabee, Former Governor of Arkansas
This is a very exciting time where we can make huge strides on behalf of the dignity of human life. I was recently in New York and I saw the Vitae subway ads. They are so powerful! With every life saved, that is victory!
Lila Rose, President of Live Action
God has placed a power inside of us to change the world. Vitae is trying to affect the world by affecting the power of one. You must step into the power that lies inside of you and fight for the lives of the next generation.
Kurt Warner, NFL MVP and MVP for Super Bowl XXXIV
Vitae, with its heart of compassion and its feet of good works, has saved the lives of thousands and rekindled the conscience of our community.
John Ashcroft, Former U.S. Attorney General
The Vitae Caring Foundation is at the forefront of where this movement needs to go and I really applaud you. You’re changing minds, you’re changing hearts, and the world is a better place for your vision.
Sean Hannity, TV Host
The masters of media are the people defining the moral value system…that is why what you’re doing [Vitae Foundation] is of such vital importance. You are saving lives.
Colonel Oliver North, U.S. Marine, Author, Fox News Correspondent
…the power of [their] messages, the power of words, the power of images…is why I’m really pleased and honored to support the Vitae Caring Foundation.
Rick Horton, Baseball Analyst, Major League Pitcher
Why can’t we see groups like Vitae on a national level, multiplied by ten?
Laura Ingraham, Radio talk show host
I am glad to speak on behalf of an endeavor that recognizes the truth. If we’re willing to pool our resources, if we’re willing to do the work that is necessary to get the simple messages of truth stated with love to pierce the heart of this society, then we can break the hardening shell of its selfishness and its self-indulgence.
Alan Keyes, U.S. Ambassador to UN Social & Economic Council
The Vitae Caring Foundation has developed and implemented a bold, Pro-Life, mass media educational initiative that has had a tremendous impact. Vitae’s commitment to produce well-researched Pro-Life media messages, aimed at audiences who are not already Pro-Life, has proven not only to be effective in shifting public opinion but in saving lives. The Vitae Caring Foundation has found a practical method to respond meaningfully to the late Pope John Paul II’s challenge to build a culture of life.
Joseph Naumann, Archbishop of Kansas City
I’m really excited about being part of the Vitae Caring Foundation because I understand the power of media. I understand the power of having a message that is strong and clear and powerful. I want to applaud you for your work.
Lisa Welchel, Actress on Facts of Life, Author, founder of “Mom Time”
Vitae (‘life’ in Latin) is a savvy, empathetic and tireless organization that’s doing a very effective job across this country. It produces 30-second TV spots…and these short messages are reaching millions of young people with hope, help and alternatives to killing unborn babies. They’ve found that most women, even those facing unwanted pregnancies, will opt for letting the little innocent child live – if they’re presented facts, and not glossy, appealing propaganda.
Pat Boone, SInger, Actor, Writer
[Vitae Foundation] is the reason, I believe, that the pro-life movement will win and is going to make dramatic strides in the future, regardless of the pressures against us.
Rabbi Marc Gellman, Host of The God Squad
They call this the information age, and that’s right on target. If this battle is going to be won, it’s going to be won in the field of communications. These spots are first-class, professional. There’s got to be more of this in America… more Vitae Caring Foundations…This organization is on the cutting edge.
Robert P. Casey, Former Governor of Pennsylvania
I am thankful for groups like yours that spread the message that allows that seed of hope and faith to grow within those women who are faced with a pregnancy in less than ideal circumstances. You affirm the value of the child. You remind us that every child has purpose and value and a destiny.
Sarah Palin, Former Governor of Alaska
We are the guardians. If we fail, who will complete this task? If we fail here, where does the rest of the world run? Answer: nowhere. Stand up. Get in the race. You can, will and must win.
Glenn Beck, Radio and TV Host, Author
I commend the Vitae Caring Foundation for bringing the truth to the American people. Your efforts to foster respect for the sacredness of human life are sorely needed and greatly appreciated.
Henry Hyde, Congressman
Two thousand years ago Pontius Pilate didn’t agree with the punishment they wanted to give Jesus, but he didn’t want to interfere with the people’s right to ‘choose.’ Today we are dealing with millions of Pontius Pilots. That’s one of the many reasons I’m so grateful for Vitae. Vitae is standing in the gap to help convert these people from being Pontius Pilots to appreciating and upholding the sanctity of human life.
Jill Stanek, Pro-life Blogger
You are my heroes. … “Every day in your own backyard so many of you volunteer or work for Vitae and every single one of you in this room are fighting literally over matters of life and death.
Michelle Malkin, American Conservative Blogger
Too many people let what they can’t do get in the way of what they can do. Live out your Christianity. That’s something you can do. It changes lives…it changes the conversation.
Matthew Kelly, Catholic Speaker and Author
How can we live in a society where the pro-choice side has been able to convince moms to kill their own child? Our job is to change that. Vitae is on the front lines with this battle. Our cause is the cause of true freedom, and it’s also the cause of justice.
Dinesh D’Souza, Indian-American Political Commentator, Author, and Christian Apologist
Ladies and gentlemen, our country will not continue to be blessed if we continue to kill our unborn. That’s just what I believe. That’s just part of our founding. When man believes that he can make the decision about who gets to live, and in turn when you get to die, then you don’t have liberty. You certainly do not have a pursuit of happiness.
Allen West, Political Commentator, former United States Representative, and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel
I’ve been overwhelmed with this idea of legacy. What do we want to be remembered for? The legacy we’re talking about is a legacy like Vitae and how they are changing—no, not changing, but saving lives.
Mike Matheny , Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals
I am so inspired by Vitae’s work. This truth is not being heard and that is why we need a media strategy, and this is what Vitae does. Be all in now…this is a Wilberforce moment!
Eric Metaxas, Author, Speaker, and Radio Host
This is why I love Vitae because they know how to reach out to women like me. My story ties into the sole mission of Vitae.
Rebekah Buell , Woman who began RU486 abortion pill regimen, changed her mind and had it successfully reversed.

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