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Vitae believes in the power of the message.  As the world’s leader of research in abortion decision-making, its pro-woman messaging has impacted millions of lives.

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Support Vitae Foundation by donating your car through Donate Care USA. Find out all the facts.





Can be used to reach abortion-determined women. 

Automatic gifts debited from your checking or savings account can save time, help you budget and provide sustaining support for the Vitae mission. 

Memorial and tribute gifts honor friends and loved ones while contributing to the spread of a Culture of Life. 

Many Vitae Foundation donors use either a Last Will and Testament or a Revocable Living Trust as the cornerstone of their estate plans.  Regardless which approach you choose, both legal tools are essential to carrying out your wishes for your loved ones and important charitable causes. Trust will allow your assets to pass directly to beneficiaries outside of Probate.  Either way, a Last Will and Testament or Revocable Living Trust can ensure that your wishes and not state law will control the eventual distribution of your estate. Beyond providing for the care of your spouse and dependents, your Last Will and Testament or Revocable Living Trust can be used to promote traditional values and the sanctity of life.  Gifts to the Vitae Foundation through your Will or Trust are easy to establish, and you retain the use and control of your assets until your death.  The portion of your estate that is bequeathed to the Vitae Foundation will be used to educate women and men that life truly is our most valuable asset and to encourage women to carry their babies to term. 


Tax-deductible gifts to Vitae’s Endowment Fund will help strengthen the existing financial reserves of Vitae for years to come.  An endowment is a pool of money that can be retained in perpetuity, with the interest or a specific dollar amount distributed annually to advance the good work of the Vitae Foundation.  Funds donated to the Vitae Foundation Endowment may be designated for specific purposes by the donor.  Thanks to the gracious gift of one long-time supporter of the Vitae Foundation, the Vitae Foundation Endowment Fund is off to a great start to further its long-term mission and vision. The proceeds will help fund specific Vitae Foundation programs that will then not need the financial support from general revenue. Proceeds can also provide the Vitae Foundation with isolation from budget woes during economic downturns. With this large gift launching the endowment, hopefully others will join in building it. Necessary legal documents and guidelines have been developed along with the investment guidelines which will help secure the stability of the Vitae Endowment Fund. Making a memorial endowment is an incredible way to acknowledge a spouse or loved one. There are numerous unique estate planning tools that can be used to fund your endowment gift. This would require assistance from your tax professional, attorney and financial advisor.


Congress has renewed special incentives to make charitable gifts through retirement accounts.  For plan participants and IRA owners who reached the age of 701/2 in 2019, the prior rule applies and the first Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) must start by April 1, 2020.  For plan participants and IRA owners who reach age 701/2 in 2020, the first RMD must start by April 1 of the year after the plan participant or IRA owner reaches 72 years of age.  These individuals can make tax-free charitable gifts from Individual Retirement Account (IRA) funds. Donors with traditional or Roth IRAs can make tax-free gifts directly to qualified charities up to a total of $100,000 per year. A couple with separate IRAs each can make gifts up to $100,000. To qualify, charitable gifts must be made directly from a traditional or Roth Individual Retirement Account. Contact your financial advisor to facilitate a gift to the Vitae Foundation.  


While reviewing your financial affairs to determine the best method to assist the Vitae Foundation in its effort to promote the value of life for the next generation, do not overlook your appreciated securities, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds.  When appreciated securities are donated to the Vitae Foundation, you will receive a tax deduction based on the full current value, and not based on your cost basis which may be very low.  You may transfer appreciated securities directly to the Vitae Foundation, or they may be used in combination with other ways of giving that provide for payments to you for your lifetime, for the lifetime of a loved one, or for a period of years, with the remainder going to the Vitae Foundation at a later date. Examples include Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts. A gift of securities need not be a complicated process. Your financial planner or investment advisor can assist you. For more complex planning, you may need the services of an attorney and/or an accountant. Either way, your gift to the Vitae Foundation will be used to educate about the physical and emotional effects of abortion and assist women in need.


If you have a paid-up whole life or term life insurance policy (or even one that is not paid up) that you or a loved one no longer needs, you may use that policy as a gift to the Vitae Foundation.  There are several tax benefits depending on the policy value and other factors. First check with your tax advisor/and or attorney. Then notify the insurance company of a change in beneficiary. It is a simple procedure that will net the Vitae Foundation significant revenue for advancing the culture of life and saving lives. You can divide the insurance policy into a number of different beneficiaries.


Gifts of real estate can be a unique option for your family or business. 


In-kind donations can help offset expenses for office equipment, technology or events. 


Outside fundraising events planned through your club, group, or business can provide unique opportunities to educate about the Vitae mission locally and help the mission. 


While shopping on Amazon, register at Amazon Smile and include the Vitae Foundation as the recipient of your charitable proceeds.  Go to to register


Shop online through Ebates and help Vitae earn cash (similar to Amazon Smile). Go to to learn more. 


Escrip is another way to raise funds for Vitae while you shop your favorite stores.  Go to to register. 


Donate a life tomorrow. Vitae needs your help! If a woman contemplating an abortion doesn’t see Vitae’s messaging, she ends up at an abortion facility instead of a life-affirming Pregnancy Help Center. It’s that simple. Please donate today.

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It's lifesaving! If you have a passion for Vitae's mission, you can volunteer in a number of ways—at our headquarters in Jefferson City, Missouri, or at one of our events across the country. We would love to meet you!

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If you are interested in learning more about the work of the Vitae Foundation and how you can help, please contact us. We want to hear from you.