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ThriVe Moves the Needle to Market Dominance in St. Louis

A pandemic and a new mega abortion facility in the area would have caused most pregnancy centers to take a big hit. ThriVe St. Louis’s…

Abortions Up, Health Services Down in Recent Planned Parenthood Report

Planned Parenthood released their annual report for 2019-2020 last Friday. It is in stark contrast to the continual argument that abortion constitutes a small fraction…

Vitae Ad Leads to Support from Unexpected Source

Parkville Womens Clinic (PWC) is situated in a quiet suburb just outside of Kansas City. The clinic is part of the Missouri Knights of Columbus’…

Roe Anniversary: Vitae is More Important than Ever

Today is the 48th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade anniversary—a sobering day. Read more…

Abortion News: Fewer Facilities, Abortion Pill Access Increases

As we ring in the New Year, we welcome some good news concerning the abortion industry. Operation Rescue is reporting a total of 45 abortion facilities closed…

“So Much Hangs in the Balance” in Branson Area

The pandemic has had a harrowing effect on many in the hospitality industry, and Branson, Mo., is no different. Read more…

“Abortion is the Defining Issue of Our Time”

Words matter. The Vitae Foundation knows this all too well. So does Matt Walsh. Read More…

  • I realized I needed a paradigm shift. It was at this point that Vitae Foundation waltzed in and dropped the tool to affect change into my lap,” Bradley stated. “Here was scientific data on what the culture is thinking on the issue of abortion. All we had to do was apply the research to our messaging.

    Whitney Bradley, Archdiocese of Omaha, Coordinator of the Respect Life Apostolate


Donate a life tomorrow. Vitae needs your help! If a woman contemplating an abortion doesn’t see Vitae’s messaging, she ends up at an abortion facility instead of a life-affirming Pregnancy Help Center. It’s that simple. Please donate today.

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