We must love people enough…

A few years ago, I stumbled across a quote that really made me think:
“Love without truth is hypocrisy.”

It stretched my thinking so much, that I turned the message into branded stickers for one of Abby Johnson’s ministries that I was managing at the time.

Friends, in these tumultuous times of misinformation and outright lies, it’s vital to love our neighbor well as God requires of us, and we simply cannot do that by sacrificing truth.

We must love people enough to tell them the truth. In our case, we must tell them the truth about abortion and the destruction it causes.

We understand that knowing what to say is the hardest part when it comes to talking about the abortion issue. The work of the Pro-Life Movement has been tremendous and has saved countless lives, but overtime, our research has showed us that a paradigm shift was needed in how we speak about abortion in today’s culture.

If you’ve read any past newsletters, you have heard us refer to the “Pro-Woman Approach.” This approach helps us focus on the woman who is ultimately making the decision to consider abortion, adoption or parenting when she is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. Our research helps us understand the emotional reasons why women choose abortion and helps us create a culture that addresses those emotional needs, ultimately changing hearts and minds and saving countless lives.

In order to help others understand how to deliver the truth in love with the Pro-Woman Approach, we’ve recently launched Vitae Research Institute! You’ll read more about that in this newsletter, but I hope you take the time to go to the website and look over the incredible content. You will find our past studies, our most current studies as they become available, and some great resources from other leading pro-life organizations. Our desire is for this to be a go-to source for you to find practical ways to be able to offer truth in love in your own circle of influence.

Brandy Meeks

P.S. Don’t forget: Love without truth is hypocrisy. With your help, we can defeat misinformation and build a future where abortion is unthinkable.