Candace Owens is a millennial who has made a career out of asking the question, Does that make sense?  On Thursday night she asked that question to 350 Vitae Foundation supporters in St. Charles, Mo.  Specifically, she asked if it’s natural to just wake up in the morning and think that people shouldn’t be born. 

“That’s what is being taught.  It’s because of indoctrination by the left that we’re seeing this happen.  I always say the biggest mistake conservatives made was giving up the school systems to the left.  The only thing worse is that we also gave up the culture to the left.  This is how people are being indoctrinated,” Owens told the crowd.  “It’s how I was indoctrinated.” 

The 30-year-old Owens lamented that our culture is increasingly not pro-family.   

“I believe what we are seeing is a systematic breakdown of the family.  When you talk about abortion, when you talk about radical feminism, these are at the nucleus of the breakdown of family.  It’s an intentional breakdown of family, because when the family is broken, the government can take over,” Owens stated.  

Owens shared the story of her cousin, who was 18 when she became pregnant.  She still lived at home with her mother.  Her boyfriend wanted her to get an abortion.  When she told her mother, the mother also wanted her to abort.  Then the cousin got an ultrasound.   

“She came back to my house a couple of weeks later and said, ‘I can’t do it because I see the little hands.’  The schools had been telling her it was just a clump of cells.  That’s what I learned when I was in school.  That all got wiped away when she was holding a picture (of her baby). 

“The thing that triumphs indoctrination is experience,” Owens noted.   

Vitae believes that as more women experience caring support and lifesaving resources from Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs), more lives can be saved.  The culture can ultimately be turned around to a culture of life when everyone understands the value of each human life, even at its origins in the womb. 

Vitae President Debbie Stokes talked about the roadblocks in our culture today: severe abortion laws that allow abortion up to birth and even after—infanticide; Google restrictions on pro-life ads for PHCs; and access to at-home abortion kits that allow women to bypass seeing a doctor to obtain such kits. 

No matter the strategy, whether from overseas providers or efforts here in the U.S., the goal is the same, to make abortion pills available anytime to anyone even to the point of making them available over the counter.  The pro-aborts consider this a woman’s right to self-manage her abortion,” Stokes stated.  “One website proudly refers to this as the 21st Century Abortion.” 

Vitae Market Director Rachael Blackmore told the audience that the critical connections that Vitae makes between women contemplating abortion and the lifesaving help at PHCs, are crucial to saving women from the heartache of abortion. 

“What they gain are relationships that not only save lives but transform families,” Blackmore stated.  In its 27th year, Vitae’s pro-woman approach is saving more women and babies than ever before.” 

In 2017, there were almost 900,000 abortions in the U.S.  Blackmore said we could pass a million laws, but it won’t eliminate the hopeless feeling of women who are pregnant and don’t want to be.   

“We need to continue to do research and train Pregnancy Help Centers on that research, and we need your help to do it,” Blackmore pleaded. 

Vitae has invested over $3 million in research to help understand the mind of the abortion-determined woman.  This research is not hidden away in a vault.  It is given freely to PHCs across the country and other pro-life organizations so they can better understand how to talk about this issue and help the women that come to them.  It’s about changing the culture. 

“It’s so important to me to impact culture,” Owens noted.  “That is exactly the way the left has gotten all these poisonous and terrible ideas into our children’s lives.” 

Owens, who has a show on PragerU, said that she fights for the American Dream every single day. 

“The American dream is a philosophy that unites us all.  It is not based on the color of our skin, nor on our gender, but on an idea.  That idea is that if you work hard, this country will reward you.  We are the freest nation on earth, and we must fight to protect that.  We must remember there is no freedom without life!” Owens concluded. 

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