Elena was a twenty-seven-year-old student who was discouraged when she found herself unexpectedly pregnant. In an effort to find help, she booked an appointment with ThriVe Orlando. When Elena sat down for her first appointment, she unfortunately indicated she wanted an abortion. The patient advocates cared for her and provided her with an ultrasound where she learned her baby measured eleven weeks, six days gestation. Additionally, ThriVe staff provided her with information about life affirming options. Thankfully, after hearing all her pregnancy options, Elena felt hopeful and became more open to the idea of adoption.

Weeks later, when ThriVe followed up with Elena, she indicated that she planned to parent! She even asked about parenting classes and booked her next appointment over the phone that day.

Just before her new appointment, Elena called and canceled, saying she changed her mind and again wanted to have an abortion. The patient advocate continued to lovingly care for Elena as she tried to encourage her to come in for support. However, Elena refused and only wanted referrals for abortion.

About two weeks later, ThriVe reached out to her again via text. Elena replied that she had changed her mind and when asked about her decision cheerfully replied, “I actually went back on that decision, I would like to sign up for the class for helping parents get the things they need.” How relieved the ThriVe staff must’ve been!

Since their last phone call with Elena, ThriVe said she is now sixteen weeks pregnant and has enthusiastically signed up for parenting classes and began prenatal care.

*Names and minor details changed to protect privacy
(Story provided by Amber Wilder, ThriVe Orlando, FL)