From the Desk of the Director of Research

Friends and Supporters,

It has been an exciting season for Vitae Foundation’s research department! In the last quarter, we’ve completed two Emotional Research studies that will change the Pro-Life Movement forever.

The first of these studies, as you may recall from the last newsletter update, evaluated respondents who had chosen Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) in an attempt to reverse their chemical abortions. Here, we wanted to know why and when a woman’s mind might change during her abortion pill experience to understand how we can reach more women in need.

The second of these brand-new studies centered around the emotional aftermath of abortion. Here, we sought to better understand the trauma women experience after their abortion and what hinders, or prompts, them to seek outside help and resources to heal.

Right now, Vitae is presenting these findings to key pro-life leaders and organizations and our team is developing messaging strategies that utilize what was learned, all with the hope of making abortion unthinkable and making healing more accessible.

Additionally, we’ve designed and are set to distribute research training guidebooks for policymakers, pregnancy centers, and medical providers that synthesize Vitae’s past and present research studies and include implications for best practices in each of these fields.

Our new, groundbreaking research study findings will be available to the public on later this month.

Kindly, Rebekah Hagan

Pro-Woman Policy Guide
Written for policymakers and anyone with influence on local, state, or national policy, this guidebook helps readers understand Vitae research as it relates to the public perception of abortion. We offer key insights, tips, and practical applications for legislative ideas, language, and effective ways to communicate the pro-life message to constituents.

Pregnancy Center Guide
Written for pregnancy centers and pregnancy help organizations who interact with abortion-vulnerable women every day, this guidebook compiles Vitae’s thirty plus years of research to offer insights into the minds of women considering abortion, including how to reach them and what they need most.

Medical Professional Guide – coming soon
Written for healthcare professionals who want to make a difference in the lives of their patients before, during, and after an unexpected pregnancy. This guidebook applies Vitae’s research to the world of medicine and offers practical ways physicians, nurses, medical receptionists, and others can make a difference. From the way phones are answered to the way in which a woman is taught about her body and reproductive system, this guidebook will equip healthcare professionals to encourage their patients to make healthy, life-affirming choices.