The National Concern for Women Strategy uses a three-tier approach to simultaneously reach vast groups of men and women to save lives, cause hearts and minds to change, and ultimately restore respect for life in today’s culture.

The three types of ads used by Vitae’s Research Application Team in this campaign are as follows:
1) Call for Help Ads
Using Google Ads, Vitae will continue (as before) to reach abortion-determined women with lifesaving messages. Women are connected with pregnancy centers based on their keyword searches on Google.

2) Culture Changing Ads
These programmatic ads will be aired on streaming networks (Crackle, Sling, Paramount, etc.) to reach a modern audience of men and women who are not considered extremely pro-life or extremely pro-choice. The ads will be designed to cause viewers cognitive dissonance or to question what they believe about abortion. Programmatic ads utilize artificial intelligence to match the ad with the intended viewer.

3) Resource Awareness Ads
These ads use audio streaming services (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) or social media websites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to reach a broad audience to raise awareness of pregnancy centers, maternity homes, or other women’s health services available to pregnant women.

Where to next?
This strategy has been launched in the St. Louis, Missouri Designated Market Area. Shortly after, the strategy including streaming TV ads will expand to Kansas City, Missouri, and Dallas, Texas. Once these have concluded, the strategy will be applied in each Alpha Center market, and eventually will be applied on a national scale.