Wrongful Death Abortion Lawsuit Settles for $1.265 million

The Case
Keisha Adkins (23) was 24 weeks pregnant when she tried to obtain a legal and elective third trimester abortion at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Hospital in 2017. Staff there referred her to Southwestern Women’s Options, a private abortion clinic founded by Dr. Curtis Boyd, and scheduled her appointment without so much as a psychological evaluation. Sadly, the induction abortion at Southwestern Women’s Options took her life.  

Two days after the procedure began, Adkins knew something was wrong and returned to the clinic, which had told her if an issue arose not to call 911 or go to the emergency room, but to return to the clinic. At the clinic, she received fluids, but the ambulance was not called for 9 hours. By the time she was at the hospital, she had a fever and was in respiratory distress with an elevated heart rate. Later, she was transferred to the operating room to complete the abortion and suffered from cardiac arrest. 

The Cost
By far, the biggest cost was the tragic loss of the lives of both Adkins and her preborn child. Additionally though, with this case, there was a financial cost that was partially taxpayer funded. The total settlement for this case, brought on behalf of Keisha, her mother, and her sister by attorney Michael Seibel founder of Abortion on Trial earlier this year, was $1.265 million of which $365,000 was paid by the hospital for negligence in referring Keisha and $900,000 was paid by the private clinic. 

Keisha’s abortion was billed to Medicaid by Southwestern Women’s Options citing emotional and family health and wellbeing. This was an elective procedure, and no mental health evaluation was performed; therefore, it was billed to Medicaid for unverifiable reasons. Between the abortion, the hospital bills, and the fact a state-funded University hospital paid $365,000 of the settlement, this case cost the state of New Mexico nearly $500,000 in tax-payer funds. 

The Concerns
Induction abortions are considered unsafe, even by many abortionists. Even Dr. Curtis Boyd himself has stated they pose safety risks, and yet, induction abortions continue in New Mexico. In an induction abortion, women have 6 times greater risk of infection. There is also an 8-15% failure rate in which the baby is born alive, and there is an increased chance of spontaneous expulsion. 

“Strictly from a women’s safety standpoint, induction abortions should be done in a hospital where the patient is constantly monitored,” shared Jeffries. “While I want to end all abortions, this might be a place to find common ground with pro-choice people. Unfortunately, in New Mexico, because of protections in place, we may never legislate abortionists out of their jobs, but we might be able to litigate them out of their jobs.” Hitting the pocketbooks of the abortion industry can make a huge impact in this fight for life.