To celebrate this benchmark anniversary, Vitae is bringing in some of the most passionate pro-life speakers for this year’s events. At the Jefferson City Events, Abby Johnson, author of the national best-selling book and movie adaptation Unplanned, shared the current state of the abortion issue in our country and emphasized the importance of Vitae’s research in promoting a culture of life.

“This year, we knew we had to do something extra special. Having Abby Johnson was the perfect way to inspire and reinvigorate our supporters. She is a woman of passion and conviction, and our guests enjoyed hearing her speak,” reflected Vitae Senior Market Director Stacey Kromer.

As we look back on the last 30 years, we are excited to say that Vitae pioneered over $4 million worth of research. Today, we continue to hold the largest and most unique collection of abortion decision-making research in the world. We have increased our reach to women exponentially by sharing our research and how to apply it to messaging with pro-life peers. As we have forged on, our impact on the culture of death has been significant.

“I’m so proud of all that Vitae has accomplished over the last 30 years,” beams Vitae President Debbie Stokes, “and the progress we’ve made inspires us to keep moving forward despite the challenges we face. God continues to provide for our needs, and we know He is nowhere close to stopping.”

Vitae has initiated two research studies over the last year and is thrilled to share the results with the Pro-Life Movement soon.

If you have not attended a Vitae event this year, we have many more scheduled! Abby Johnson will join us again as the keynote speaker for two more Missouri events: Springfield and St. Charles. For more information on our upcoming events, see the last page or visit

If you were not able to attend the Jefferson City event this year and would like to make a donation, please visit