Abortion Pill Research Study Continues

In January, Vitae commissioned Emotional ConteXt to interview younger women (ages 20-34) about their perceptions of the abortion pill—how it works, how they feel about it, and how they would feel if it were unregulated and freely distributed. All respondents qualified for the study by having “mixed feelings” about abortion, with none of them overtly pro-abortion or pro-life.

Four key findings of the study are as follows:
1.  Respondents felt (at first) that abortion pills created less physical and emotional trauma than surgical abortion
2.  Respondents did not believe abortion pills should be unregulated but are even more afraid of abortion being made entirely illegal
3.  Nearly all respondents had not known the abortion pill can be reversed
4.  Respondents get the bulk of their information from social media rather than traditional sources of news

As Vitae designs messaging to reach these women, we will focus on educating women about the dangers of the abortion pill—especially unregulated—and the potential use of abortion pill reversal.

With the completion of Phase 1, Vitae moved into Phase 2 which involves conducting additional interviews with women who have chosen and considered abortion pill reversal.