As Phase One of the National Women’s Health Study wrapped up, Vitae embarked on a new study to determine what it is about chemical abortion (commonly referred to as the “abortion pill”) that is both appealing and repulsive to abortion-determined women so that we can more effectively reach them with lifesaving messages.

Because the abortion pill has recently become the most popular abortion method in America, understanding how to reach women who choose this method is crucial. Before the availability of this method, there was an opportunity to intervene with women as they walked into an abortion facility. Now, the opportunity to intervene has moved online.

Vitae began to prepare for a study on abortion pills and staff made a connection with several researchers who formed an emotional research company called Emotional ConteXt. They were happy to collaborate with Vitae and conduct our next study.

Emotional ConteXt has overseen Phase One of this study and conducted in-depth interviews in Orlando, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; and Seattle, Washington. Initial discoveries were that women were largely unaware of how the abortion pill worked. Additionally, and likely because of this, they were strongly opposed to the abortion pill reversal process which reintroduces progesterone, a natural hormone, that helps the baby to regain nourishment and survive. Respondents were suddenly concerned about the side effects on the baby, which left us with more questions.

This led us to move into Phase Two of the study, which will involve conducting additional interviews with women that have chosen and considered abortion pill reversal. Further phases will be determined in the coming weeks.