In the heartland of America, a crucial battle looms—one that could profoundly impact the future of abortion legislation across the United States. Missouri, renowned for its strong pro-life stance, finds itself at the forefront of a pivotal moment in the national fight against abortion. As the abortion industry employs deceptive strategies to advance its agenda, the nation turns its attention to Missouri as they deploy their defenses.

At the core of this struggle lies a concerted effort by the abortion industry to amend the state constitution, effectively permitting abortion at any stage of pregnancy and stripping away vital safety protections for women. This proposed amendment, veiled in misleading language about women’s autonomy and healthcare choice, is designed to mislead voters into supporting the abortion industry’s nefarious agenda—to undermine the fundamental principles of human dignity and the protection of the preborn.

If successful, the amendment would dismantle all fifty-two of Missouri’s current pro-life laws including crucial safety regulations, eliminate parental consent laws for minors seeking abortions, and compel taxpayers to fund abortion procedures. All while being sold to voters as a right to: make reproductive decisions, allow regulation of reproductive health care, and ban abortion after fetal viability.

For decades, Missouri has been a stronghold against the encroachment of the abortion industry’s agenda. Historically, its steadfast commitment to defending the rights of the preborn has served as a beacon of hope for pro-life lawmakers in other states. Today, as abortion amendment signature gatherers canvass the state, Missourians mobilize to safeguard their constitution and uphold the values that define their identity.

The country looks to Missouri and Vitae in this critical moment for the potential to provide a model for other states facing similar challenges. Vitae Foundation is deploying educational messages as part of our National Concern for Women Strategy. Additionally, we are working with Missouri Right to Life (among others) to develop language that will be effective in discussing the abortion issue as such conversations enter households across the state.

The consequences of this constitutional amendment extend far beyond Missouri’s borders, because if the amendment succeeds, it could embolden similar efforts in other states, many of whom have weaker defenses against abortion legislation.

As November approaches, the fate of Missouri hangs in the balance as signature gatherers scramble to get abortion on the ballot. The Pro-Life Movement has seen unification like never before as grassroots movements, faith communities, and advocacy groups unite in defense of women and their preborn children. Together, they stand as a formidable force against the tide of abortion expansionism and the erosion of fundamental human rights.

As the nation looks to Missouri, let us stand together in defense of the culture of death. The struggle for the sanctity of life is a moral imperative that transcends political divides and demands unwavering dedication. The battle for the future of abortion legislation in America is far from over, but with courage and determination, we can change the culture and restore the values that built this country, most importantly the freedom to life itself.