Brandy Meeks Named Vitae Foundation President

Longtime Vitae Foundation President Debbie Stokes announced September 1 that she will be stepping down as President and with board approval has appointed her successor, Brandy Meeks. 

Debbie began her career with Vitae Foundation in 1998 in the research department. A loyal and trusted employee, Stokes was promoted within the organization several times. She eventually chose to retire, only to be asked to return a few months later due to a presidential vacancy. Debbie graciously took on the position and was welcomed by her pro-life peers as a familiar face. 

During her time as president, she focused on continuing Vitae Foundation’s pioneering research efforts. In just the last twelve months, Debbie has initiated two large scale research studies in addition to several smaller, supporting studies conducted in later phases.   

In speaking about her decision Debbie remarked, “The Dobbs decision overturning Roe was a huge factor in my decision to step aside.  Vitae has great potential to change the culture, and it needs leadership that has the energy and expertise to make that happen. Brandy is that person.” 

As a former pregnancy center director, and the co-founder of Cornerstone Marketing Strategies, Brandy Meeks is a qualified and welcomed successor. Meeks has worked in the Pro-Life Movement for over ten years. “She brings experience, passion, energy, and a deep faith to every challenge she takes on. She will be a powerful force leading Vitae into the future,” Former President Debbie Stokes explained.  

Brandy Meeks was formerly employed at Vitae Foundation as Director of Marketing and Research Application but later used her talent and passion for the life issue by working alongside former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate Abby Johnson. She is excited to return back to Vitae and says, “It is imperative that we complete the mission to make abortion unthinkable in this Post-Roe era. Vitae’s research and messaging can absolutely influence that change. I am humbled and honored to lead Vitae Foundation with new innovative strategies and collaborations at such a critical moment in our nation’s history.” 

Vitae staff are receptive to this change and are happy to still have Debbie work in a different capacity for the organization as she moves closer to retirement. 

Vitae Foundation is a national non-profit organization that leads the world in its research of abortion-decision making, tests its findings using digital media campaigns, and shares best practices at no cost to pro-life peers worldwide to encourage a culture of life.