Divine Intervention for Tasha

We hope you enjoy reading the story below which was provided by Sonya Rice, Executive Director of one of our Alpha Centers, Parkville Women’s Clinic (Parkville, Missouri).

Tasha had an unsettling feeling that she may be pregnant. She immediately decided to call and make an appointment at Planned Parenthood. She knew they performed abortions, but that didn’t totally bother her. A few days later, she got a call from Planned Parenthood saying that they were canceling all of their scheduled appointments for the rest of the week.

Tasha wasn’t sure what to do next. So, she pulled out her phone and searched for pregnancy help on Google. She saw an ad for Parkville Women’s clinic and decided to call and schedule an appointment. After all, she couldn’t wait for Planned Parenthood to get her in a few weeks later. She wanted to make a decision soon.

When Tasha arrived at Parkville Women’s Clinic, she was provided an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy (as well as a routine STD/STI test). She was in fact pregnant and was just over seven weeks along. Tasha shared with the client advocate that she was conflicted about her decision and thought maybe it was a good thing she found the pregnancy center. The client advocate encouraged her to come back in a few weeks for another ultrasound.

Tasha did end up returning, but this time was specifically for an STI treatment, as the test from her first visit had come back positive. During the appointment, she shared that she had an abortion scheduled at Planned Parenthood for that same afternoon but realized she would now have to cancel due to receiving an STI treatment (She was instructed to eat that morning before coming to receive the STI treatment, while Planned Parenthood had instructed her to fast prior to her abortion appointment). Does anyone else see God’s hand in this? Let’s see how the story ends.

A few short weeks later, Tasha returned a third time. This time her boyfriend (and father of the baby) accompanied her so that he could also be tested and treated for the STI but was also able to sit in on the ultrasound. Together they gazed upon their now twelve-week-old baby. The couple indicated they were still undecided but in the same breath Tasha commented that “things have changed a lot” and that “it feels more real to me this time.”

Sonya Rice, Executive Director of Parkville Women’s Clinic, reflects on her experience that day and said, “We’ve realized through this client that between God’s divine interventions and our work through this ministry, Tasha has been given time she would not have originally had to explore and reflect on all her options.” She went on to say, “Tasha reached out to us just this past week to let us know that she has chosen life!”
As Tasha and her boyfriend prepare to welcome this new life, Tasha has excitedly enrolled in Parkville’s “Earn as you Learn” Smart Steps program.