Documentary Filming to Begin in February

After completing the research phases of the National Women’s Health Study, we have applied our findings to create messaging that we can use to reach the Black Community to begin the conversation about the abortion issue.

Elizabeth Parker, Vitae’s Media Production and Pro-Life Research Manager, has been busy working on a documentary film that will be shown on HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) campuses across the country.

The purpose of the film is to infiltrate the culture by cinematically introducing the abortion issue and causing viewers to think critically about their opinions on the issue. The intention is that they walk away with a greater respect for preborn human life.

At this time, we are not revealing the name or the plot of the film, so that it is not immediately associated with Vitae Foundation and thus a “biased” pro-life viewpoint. This strategy allows the film to be welcomed by both pro-life and pro-choice men and women who, after viewing it, will have a greater understanding of the abortion industry’s sinister mission in the Black Community.

Filming is set to begin in February, followed by several months of editing. The film will then be screened on selected HBCU campuses around the country.