Dr. Alveda King Consulted in National Women’s Health Study

As a part of the National Women’s Health Study (NWHS) Phase 2, the Vitae team consulted with Dr. Alveda King (niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) in St. Louis, Missouri. During the day-long meeting, Dr. King outlined how the issues of slavery, racism, victimization, and eugenics affected a Black woman’s view of abortion. Additionally, Dr. King helped Vitae identify people of influence, media channels, and messages that would be more effective in the Black community.

Other pro-life leaders came together for this insightful meeting, including a pastor, abortion decision-making researchers, and representatives from a pro-life marketing agency.

Vitae looks forward to applying what we’ve learned as we move into Phase 3 of the NWHS to create messaging and identify the best modes of delivery for each ethnic group.