The abortion industry uses their decades-old strategy to exploit women facing unplanned pregnancy. Their narrative should never be trusted!

I can make this assertion because of three areas of lived experiences.


1) I am an Abortion Survivor. A D&C abortion attempt succeeded in taking my twin’s life but failed to end mine, resulting in a dark, loveless appearance that fell upon my mother.

2) I have gone through two abortions myself. When I was just nineteen, my parents moved quickly to arrange an abortion because my pregnancy came at an inconvenient time. Afterwards, I came to realize part of me died that day too.

A few months after this, my mother decided to unveil her secret about the abortion attempt that I survived which explained why I never felt my mother’s nurturing love.


Pregnant again at twenty-five, “it wasn’t the right time,” my boyfriend said, as he recommended an abortion. I felt helpless, so I agreed. The experience this time was horrifying, and I felt so alone.


3) I worked in the abortion industry. Hoping to comfort other vulnerable women, I entered the dark world of an abortion clinic, working as a client educator.


While working at the clinic, one strong memory was a time when a woman, scheduled to have an abortion, asked if it was “killing.” She was told, by the co-facilitator, “If you think killing a fly is killing, because that’s about the size of the ‘it.’ ” This woman’s desire for the truth was blatantly ignored.


How does the abortion industry manipulate the fear that women and men commonly experience when faced with an unplanned pregnancy?

First, they know the thoughts going through the minds of women considering abortion, such as:
• It’s just not a “good time” to have a baby
• I can’t afford a baby
• I’m still in school
• I’m not sure if the father will stay with me
• I don’t want to be a single mom

• My parents will kill me

But, women may choose life if provided with care and support to address the fears that lie behind these statements.
Instead, the abortion clinic staff add fuel to these fears to get the result they desire, by asserting:
• “The child must be planned, or else it will be unwanted”
• “It’s considered pregnancy contents”
• “It’s a safe pill or procedure”
• “It’s your body and your choice”

• “You don’t want to ruin your future, do you?”

The lies laid at the feet of fearful women will work because they:
• Impose guilt, and accuse women of not loving their children
• Dismiss the scientific reality that a preborn baby has form, a heartbeat, and a unique DNA sequence
• Minimize the documented reality of the physical and psychological risk of abortion

• Imply that any rights applicable to all humans do not apply to preborn humans.


Consequently, women are encouraged to choose abortion.


The truth is, abortion kills a human being and leaves women, like me and my mother, struggling for years with dark manifestations, caused by loss, trauma, and unforgiven sin.


When abortion-wounded souls seek forgiveness and surrender to the love of Jesus Christ, truth emerges. I chose this change four months after my son was born in 1981.


Through Christ’s forgiveness, broken hearts can be healed and restored. The personal betrayal of abortion has to be exposed by those who bear the scars and know the truth. There are thousands of us that will tell of our testimonies.

I encourage you today, whether you have had an experience with abortion or not, to find and use your voice to unapologetically counter the lies of the abortion industry and fight for the lives, like mine, who have a purpose.

And Then There Were None exists to provide financial, emotional, spiritual, and legal support to anyone wishing to leave the abortion industry.

The Abortion Survivors Network seeks to end the generational trauma of abortion by offering answers, hope, supportive relationships, and healing for women, survivors, and families.

Project Rachel is a ministry of the Catholic Church in the United States to those who have been involved in abortion. There are specially trained priests, religious, counselors, and laypersons to help those dealing with the aftermath of abortion.