Jason Chaffetz came to Jefferson City, Mo., on Tuesday to thank the Vitae Foundation for its life-saving work and told the audience where lifesaving help often begins.

“When young people are in trouble and when they find themselves ready to make a decision, what are they going to do? They are going to pick up that phone.”

“I wish they would sit down with someone and get some good advice, but that first step is going to be picking up that phone.”

The once powerful Chairman of the House Oversight Committee opened his own heart and shared his life story—a story that he never shared with others growing up.  His point was that each of us has a story.  People experience hardships, and you would never know it.  There are women, for instance, who wake up every day in this country faced with a gut-wrenching decision to make.

“Who are they going to lean on if suddenly [she] finds [herself] pregnant?”

“We know Planned Parenthood; we know these other evil organizations. They’re going to be there with the soothing message that ‘it’s going to be okay,’ ‘we’re going to make this easy,’ but that’s not reality. If there’s not a message to compete with that, what are they going to do?”

“So, when you think about Vitae, not only are they doing the research to go figure this out, but your time, effort, and money are going to help them touch these women at just the right time when they are making this life-or-death decision.”

The father of three and grandfather said that the influences affecting women today are changing so quickly.  Vitae President Debbie Stokes helped paint that picture by depicting some of what pro-abortion forces are involved in today in our country and worldwide.

“An abortion facility near Washington, DC, has relabeled abortion pills as “Missed Period Pills” under the guise of a study providing these pills to women who suspect they are pregnant.” Stokes said.

Senior Market Director, Stacey Kromer noted the success Vitae has seen when a pregnancy center in Savannah Georgia implemented a website chat tool. “From October to November alone, they realized a 75 percent increase in ultrasounds and a 176 percent increase in pregnancy tests. It works!”

Strategies like this are working in major abortion markets all across the country. When a woman Googles “abortion” or other specific keywords, a Vitae ad leads her to a pregnancy help center for lifesaving support.

Chaffetz addressed the audience and said “There are a lot of places that you choose to spend your time, effort and money, but there is probably nothing as important as your presence here.”

“[Vitae] has to do the research to be there at the moment that [women need them]. They can provide them the information and the messages that will work so [the women] can make the right decision at the right time. That is why your presence and your contribution mean so much.”

If you weren’t able to see Jason Chaffetz in Jefferson City, you can see him at Vitae’s upcoming event in St. Charles on October 28 (more information coming soon). If you would like to help Vitae with its mission of reaching women and connecting them with life-affirming Pregnancy Help Centers, please donate today.