Mary Wanted an Abortion, but Adoption Became Storyline

Mary (not her real name) and her husband are raising their two children in Southwest Missouri.  With the current economic situation, she lost her job; and he has started a new job after his previous position was eliminated.  Financially they are struggling.

She came to PLL in Branson West, believing abortion would be the solution to their situation.  Mary loves her children, but she did not feel they could afford to have another.  An ultrasound was given to determine how far along she was.  The facts were clear on the screen.  She was well into her pregnancy.  Upon seeing this, she knew she could not end the life of her child.

The questions, however, still existed about financial concerns for the future.

The earlier conversation had included information on abortion, financial assistance for this child and facts about adoption.  Mary had many more questions about adoption and how that might work for her and her husband in this situation.

Miraculously, a representative from a Christian adoption agency was coming to PLL in the next hour to update the center on their ability to help their clients.

Mary considered staying to talk with her, but she needed to notify her husband about what was going on.  He was at work and unavailable by phone.  Mary left, but she called back to say she wanted to meet with the adoption representative!

She returned, and they spoke at length.  The two of them continued to meet at the Branson West center to sort out the best steps for Mary and her entire family.

These situations can change at any moment, but the PLL family was thrilled to receive photos of Mary’s newborn healthy baby girl, looking pink and pretty.  Mary thanked us for all we had done.

Mary and her husband wanted her forever parents to be there and begin parenting right from the start.  Mary said the lady from the adoption agency had been extremely helpful, and she was available for their every need.

We reminded Mary that this baby is already loved by so many!

Sherry Long, Administrator at PLL in Branson West, Mo., provided this story to Vitae.