We are finishing up final analysis and review of our 2021 research study conducted with nearly 600 women thanks to your support. We’ve found a number of factors that help us better understand what contributes to a woman’s choice of life or abortion when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Some of our findings have confirmed current beliefs and expectations, and some have flown in the face of conventional beliefs.

A final report will be completed in the coming weeks, but here’s one of the interesting facts we found that disproves common assumptions heavily supported by abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood.

Whereas knowledge of contraception may reduce unexpected pregnancies, we found that knowledge of the facts of contraception is actually correlated with choosing abortion, not the reverse. The more well-versed and knowledgeable respondents were about basic contraception facts, the more likely they were, when facing an unexpected pregnancy, to choose abortion. In our survey, 23% of respondents chose abortion to cope with an unexpected pregnancy, but women highly knowledgeable about contraception chose abortion 32.2% of the time, a 50% gain. Low-scoring women choose abortion 10% of the time. Our working hypothesis is that women with high scores are more likely to see the pregnancy as a failure of their contraception choice and accordingly view and depersonalize the baby as a failure indicator.

By Dr. Rodney Brim
Vitae Foundation Consultant