Roe v Wade Overturned – Vitae Foundation Charges On 

(Jefferson City, Mo.) This morning, the United States Supreme Court released a decision that would affirm the sanctity of human life, a moment much of the country never thought would come. 

Vitae Foundation, the world leader in research of abortion decision-making, has long awaited the overturn of Roe v Wade since the organization was founded in 1974, shortly after the original Supreme Court decision in 1973.  

Since its inception, Vitae Foundation has invested over $4 million in research to better understand the psychological motivators for abortion. Once findings are discovered, Vitae’s in-house team perfects the application of those findings by testing various media in selected communities. General findings and their best application are then shared at no cost with pro-life peers across the world. Additionally, the messages that are most successful in communicating with abortion-determined women, are shared on a grand scale with Pregnancy Help Centers (PHCs) at no cost. 

This Supreme Court decision now allows for each state to legislate abortion law, which also affects pregnancy centers nationwide.   

In Missouri, where Vitae Foundation’s national headquarters is located, there is a trigger law in place that would make abortion illegal. This does not mean that pregnancy centers can close, and that Vitae’s work is finished in Missouri. Regardless of this decision, women will still face unexpected pregnancies and will need the support PHCs provide in all fifty states. Vitae Foundation President Debbie Stokes explains, “Many people don’t know that PHCs exist to connect women with financial resources, housing, free or low-cost daycare options, clothing, food, and emotional support during and after the pregnancy.” She adds, “No matter the legality of abortion, many women need the support of pregnancy centers. Our ProWomanApproach embodies love and respect for those mothers and their children. Out of that respect, we want women to be fully informed of all the options and resources at their disposal before they make their final decision.” 

Vitae Foundation is a national non-profit organization that leads the world in its research of abortion-decision making, tests its findings using digital media campaigns, and shares best practices at no cost to pro-life peers worldwide to encourage a culture of life. 

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