According to a leaked initial draft of the majority opinion, the United States Supreme Court will be overturning Roe v. Wade and bringing the abortion decision back to the state level. This leak is not a final decision; that is expected to come in June of this year. However, from all the information currently available, there is every reason to believe it is accurate.  

What would overturning Roe v. Wade mean for the country? 

When this decision goes through, it will mean that abortion is no longer a ‘protected right’ by the federal government, and state laws will prevail. This decision will not make abortion illegal in the United States. It will allow each individual state to make their own abortion laws and be as restrictive or permissive as that state wants to be. There will be a mix of states making abortion completely illegal, states making it somewhat restrictive, and states with almost no regulations on abortion. 

What will this mean for the Pro-Life Movement? 

For the Pro-Life Movement, it is time to prepare for the battle to go from one battle to fifty separate battles. It is not a time to slow down efforts. There is much work to be done, not only in the states that will have unrestricted abortions but also in states where it will become illegal. Your local Pregnancy Help Centers are often leading the charge to help create a post-Roe world; please support them.  

What will this mean for Vitae? 

As with the greater Pro-Life Movement, Vitae sees this as a time to remember our work is not finished. Through our research, we have been preparing for a post-Roe world. We will continue to fight no matter the outcome of this decision, and we ask for prayers and support as we work to create a culture of life. Vitae’s vision is to build a culture of life where abortion is unthinkable. Our battlegrounds have expanded, and our efforts will continue to expand.