Thank heaven that spring has arrived along with the beauty and joy of the Easter season!

Like most areas of the country, our weather patterns have changed dramatically over the years. Winter’s cold and dreary days used to begin in November, but this winter season, we barely saw a snowflake until February. And once the snow began, we ended up on a weather roller coaster in February and March . . . one day temps in the seventies then several inches of snow the next. It wore on everyone’s patience, so much so that even teachers and students were praying they wouldn’t have another snow day.

As much as I complained about the weather, God gently nudged my thoughts in a different direction. Perhaps I was to stop complaining about something I had no control over, surrender it to God, and enjoy the present day He had provided. It might also help me have a greater appreciation for the warmer, beautiful days ahead.
We certainly live in trying times, but we must not be discouraged. We must remember that we are not working toward victory, we are working from victory. God has a plan, and as hard as it may be sometimes, we must surrender to Him and let him take the lead in our lives.

In this newsletter, you will read about some of the tremendous blessings God has bestowed on Vitae in our fight to defend life. He has blessed us with opportunities for research; opportunities to share with our peers; talented professional staff; and the special blessing of you.

I’m excited to announce that later this year, we will launch the Vitae Research Institute where we will house our research online, making it available to our pro-life peers. Our goal is to provide the tools, the talking points, and the media strategies that will save lives and positively impact our culture.

Please continue to pray, donate, and advocate for Vitae’s mission. Laws can be passed and court decisions overturned, but we must be strong. God has blessed each of us with a gift to be part of the solution to the abortion problem. Your involvement is vital in our quest to build a culture that recognizes every life as a precious gift.

By Debbie Stokes
Vitae Foundation President