In partnership with non-profit fundraising giant Classy and online abortion advocates Plan C, Reprocare launched a donation page where you can donate $20-$200 to provide abortion pills to women who require financial assistance. They even go as far as naming the sponsorship levels “Supporter,” “Champion” and “Trailblazer.” For every donation, supporters receive an “I Helped Fund an Abortion” sticker.
Abortion pill providers like Reprocare continue attempting to remove guilt from the abortion process. Abortion pills are often referred to as “Missed Period Pills” to remove the woman from the thought that she is terminating the precious and viable life growing within her.

Abortion advocates attempt to normalize abortion by including it in movie and TV plots, publishing celebrity abortion stories and encouraging women to be “loud and proud” about their abortions. This psychological tactic is meant to eliminate guilt and encourage more women to undergo an abortion.

The women who use this psychological tactic to have an abortion may relieve immediate stress and responsibility but can only maintain their mental health through denial. This is an unhealthy and deceptive practice that takes advantage of vulnerable women everywhere.

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