Vitae Foundation has conducted research for over thirty years. Our unique collection of research consists of both quantitative and qualitative research. Our specialty however is in Emotional Research which identifies the emotional motivators involved in abortion decision-making. We hope you enjoy reading about our research studies that are in process.

Abortion Pill Study

Objective: To learn the psychological dynamics that cause women to choose chemical abortion over surgical abortion methods. After determining these dynamics, Vitae will be able to more effectively intervene in the isolated decision-making process of these women, address their needs, and empower them to choose life.

In January of 2022, Vitae commissioned Emotional ConteXt to begin an Emotional Research study which interviewed women aged twenty to thirty-four about their perceptions of the abortion pill—how it works, how they feel about it, and how they would feel if it were unregulated and freely distributed. All respondents qualified for the study by having “mixed feelings” about abortion, with none of them overtly pro-abortion or pro-life.

As Vitae designs messaging to reach women, we will focus on educating them about the dangers of the abortion pill—especially unregulated­—and the potential use of abortion pill reversal.

• Abortion Pill Reversal Study

With the completion of the first phase of the study, Vitae will begin conducting additional interviews with women that have chosen and considered abortion pill reversal. To begin this phase, Vitae’s research team has connected with Heartbeat International to help us connect with women who have considered or have used the abortion pill reversal regimen.

Vitae’s Research Education Coordinator, Becky Hagan, is leading these efforts as someone who underwent abortion pill reversal and enjoys her son today because of it. We look forward to sharing more with you soon as interviews should conclude in the coming months.

Minority Women’s Study

Objective: To explore external economic and cultural factors to gain a better understanding of how they may contribute to the abortion decision process. Additionally, to identify trends that could be helpful in refining message delivery to African American, Hispanic, Caucasian, and Asian women.

During Phase 1 of the study, and to build on our Right Brain Studies, Vitae Foundation commissioned Dr. Rodney Brim to conduct a Virtual Reality research study using modern Virtual Reality (VR) technology. This technique allowed participants to anonymously and comfortably answer survey questions by escaping to a virtual environment using an Oculus headset. This unique and relaxing environment enabled participants to concentrate and answer questions honestly. Nearly 600 women ages eighteen to thirty-five across various racial populations were surveyed.

Phase 2 (analyze) was completed. The research team is now reviewing the findings.

• HBCU Study

Using the findings from the Minority Women’s Study, a complimentary research endeavor was launched to further explore the emotional motivators that drive Black women’s perceptions about abortion.

All women surveyed were between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four, half of them have, or currently attend HBCU’s, half have had an abortion, and all were not strongly pro-life or pro-choice.

The research team is currently working to produce a summary of the findings.