The Power of an Ultrasound

“Sapphire” came to Parkville Women’s Clinic (PWC) wanting abortion information.  As the nurse told her about the abortion procedure, tears ran down her cheek.  She was given an ultrasound, and she saw her baby at 9-weeks.  Her response: “I don’t think I can do this.”  Did she mean she couldn’t go through with the pregnancy?  Sapphire explained, “I’m keeping my baby.  I can’t thank you enough.”    

“Stephanie” also came to PWC looking for an abortion.  She told them, “My boyfriend supports me as long as I choose abortion.”  When the nurse discussed abortion, Stephanie flinched.  It was too early for an ultrasound, so they scheduled one for two weeks later and gave her prenatal vitamins, just in case.  Two weeks later she and her boyfriend came in for the ultrasound, and they saw the heartbeat.  Stephanie looked at the screen and said, “That’s our baby!”  Another decision for life was made that day.