For over 25 years, the Vitae Foundation has soughto use research-based messaging to affect the culture—encouraging it to be more respectful of life itself.  As we embark on a new decade, Vitae has decided to be more strategic with its marketing efforts, thus having a greater impact on Pregnancy Help Centers and pro-life peers, as well as a bigger impact on the culture.   

This month, a new business model is being rolled out to accomplish this goal.   

“With over $3 million invested in Right Brain and market research, the time has come to re-tune the model to be more laser-focused on campaigns in places where abortion is pervasive,” Vitae President Debbie Stokes, stated.  “Instead of trying to be all things to all people, we are going to focus on the art and science of what works in marketing to the abortion-determined woman and then share it with those who can benefit from it, at no cost to them.”   

There will be nine Alpha Centers in locations across the country who serve areas where abortion numbers are epidemic.  In some places there are more abortions then live births.  Many of these are centers we’ve worked with for years or had worked with previously, while some are new. 

“We know what we do works, but there are new things we want to try, and the Alpha Centers are excited to be a part of this venture,” according to Vitae’s Director of Research Application Kenney Newville.  “This new model will allow us to be more intentional in critical markets while at the same time share what we learn with more Centers than ever before.” 

The Judy Borst Digital Information Console, developed by Vitae two years ago, will be enhanced by new developments in Vitae’s research and in communication strategies.  The Console provides Centers instant access to this vital marketing information. 

Vitae’s Research Application Department will assist with new website builds, Search Engine Optimization (increasing website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or web page), Google Search (providing the right words to attract abortion-determined women while searching for abortion online) and social media to help brand the Centers.

The Alpha Centers are located in the following areas: Seattle; Dallas; St. Louis; Godfrey, Ill.; Chicago; Providence, R.I.; Savannah, Ga.; and Orlando.  One of our Alpha sites has multiple locations across northern Virginia and the DC area. 

The Center in Rhode Island is one Vitae worked with during the 2017 Inbound Marketing Study.  Rachel Nguyen, director of Harmony Women’s Care Center, said they are excited about Vitae’s new model and agree it will be good for everybody.

I think that direction for you all is a winner.  By getting focused and more strategic, you’re going to learn what works and have a lot more to share down the line.” Nguyen stated.  “I feel like it’s going to be an exciting time, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”  

This model allows Vitae to be more of a “Research & Education Organization,” not just a marketing agency.   

“By continually doing our own research, pioneering new ideas and giving them away to the pro-life world, we will continue to be like no other pro-life organization out there,” Newville stated.  “We are following the philosophy of ‘Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.’  We will also continue to provide no cost help to non-Alpha Centers.” 

For example, if any center calls and asks questions about marketing campaigns being conducted for them by other companies, Vitae will continue to provide insights as a “Marketing Agency Watchdog,” which in the long run, will help save Centers valuable marketing dollars. 

Vitae will also continue to work with its Legacy Centers, those associated with the Meet Life program in Missouri.  There will also be special projects, like one with Pro-Women’s Healthcare Centers.  

Another educational aspect of the model will include the National Training Initiative (NTI) to be conducted across the country.  This will include presentations on the research and how it’s being applied.  The audiences for these trainings will be Centers, pro-life peers (organizations) and donors. 

We want to make our research readily available to those who can benefit from it.  Even though there is one Alpha Center in a given area, we can conduct an NTI for Centers in that entire state, so they all benefit from the research.  We may have changed the way we help you, but we’re still going to help you,” Newville explained.   

A few lines from the famous Robert Frost poem offer another insight to Vitae’s strategy: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.