Vitae Research Institute Moving Along

There is strength in numbers. The larger your army, the better chance you have at winning the war, right?

In the Pro-Life Movement many of us share a longing to unite in everything we do so that we can be an even greater defense against the powerful abortion industry.

At Vitae Foundation, we recognized this fact as well. As you may remember, last year, we launched the Vitae Vault, an online resource for verified pregnancy centers to view our research study findings, best practices, and so much more. However, even with the Vitae Vault, we knew we still had to reach the rest of the Pro-Life Movement somehow.

We are excited to say that we are preparing for a soft launch of what we are calling the Vitae Research Institute. The Vitae Research Institute will begin as an online resource to serve volunteers, clergy, pro-life organizations, and others looking to join in the fight for life.

The Vitae Research Institute will house Vitae’s research study findings, pro-life apologetics, pregnancy help resources, and news. These assets will be tailored with each unique user in mind.

With the creation of the Vitae Vault and Vitae Research Institute, we now have an established communication channel with all circles of influence in the Pro-Life Movement; that’s powerful! This digital infrastructure will allow us to grow as a force and unite in rhetoric and strategy as cultural and political dynamics, and laws change. We can now move in lockstep together under the same research-backed strategies to save more lives than ever before.

Thank you for your support in allowing us to launch these important initiatives. We look forward to updating you once the Vitae Research Institute is officially launched.