Vitae Research Institute Now Live!

Due to a substantial founding gift, Vitae Foundation was able to launch Vitae Research Institute in March.

The launch of this online resource allows Vitae Foundation to accelerate and expand the use of their research on a global scale. Vitae Research Institute is meant to equip pro-life people with evidence-based research and messaging to defeat misinformation and make abortion unthinkable.

The Vitae Research Institute website has been stocked with information on abortion pills (and the dangers of), abortion pill reversal, and current pro-life news. Additionally, the website serves as a training tool to help equip pastors, clergy, pro-life organizations, legislators, and others with research so they can learn how to effectively speak about the abortion issue in their circles of influence.

With exceptions to abortion becoming a hot debate within the pro-life community, Vitae Research Institute’s “myth busting” page addresses these circumstances with life-affirming and science-based answers that can be used in those tough conversations.

Coupled with the launch of  Vitae Vault (for pregnancy centers) and now,  Vitae Foundation can now accelerate cultural change and move one step closer to building a future where abortion is unthinkable.