I was flipping through a recent copy of New Scientist magazine when this headline caught my eye:

“This is a terrifying, nail-biting, exciting time to be alive…”

It is a partial quote from an interview with Kimberly Nicholas talking about her book, “Under the Sky We Make: How to be human in a warming world.” She stated that the book is a guide to living through the decade that will define the future of both humanity and life on earth. I knew the article wasn’t going to be about the Life issue as we define it, but it certainly could have been.
Ms. Nicholas was referring to climate change, but the verbiage echoed everything we’ve been hearing and saying at Vitae about the challenges before us.

Listening to the news or scrolling through your news feed, you can see that respect for life is at an all-time low…mass shootings and hate crimes; degrading the beauty of motherhood by referring to them as “birthing people;” aborted babies’ scalps grown on mice, treating these lives as fodder for experiments; and the increased availability of abortion pills with no regard for the impact on women’s health, only to name a few examples of how life is being devalued.

When we combine these things with other atrocities occurring in society, it’s easy to feel discouraged. How can we prevent the further decay of our
Judeo-Christian principles and rebuild a society that reflects those values? It is a daunting task, but Vitae is prepared to take on one of the fundamental principles these challenges present…greater respect for women and their preborn children.

The combination of COVID-19 and a new administration presents tremendous challenges, but God has prepared us for this battle against the culture of death. He has sent us remarkable talent, some of whom will be introduced in this newsletter. He has provided new opportunities for research that could “change the game” for the Pro-Life community. As we pray for God’s guidance and support, He has placed us in the path of those, like you, who wish to join us in this epic battle.

Each morning at Vitae, we gather for prayer, and we ask that you join us. If we think about the challenges before us, we can easily lose hope. But we know that our God is limitless in His blessings and abilities. It is not a time to be discouraged, but a time to fight for truth.

I mentioned that the headline above was only part of the quote from
Ms. Nicholas. The rest of the quote is just as relevant to the tasks God has set before us:

“…because what we do really, really, really matters.”

# # #

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