By Rodney Brim, Vitae Foundation Consultant

You’re probably aware Vitae is conducting a comprehensive national women’s study, and with over 600 women participating, we are down to our last few days of data collection! To everyone who has been supporting us, we are grateful for your prayers in this endeavor!

If you recall, the study’s initial aim is to identify and understand what differences account for the choice of life or abortion when a woman is faced with an unexpected pregnancy. The study crosses different racial populations. We’re looking at everything from relationships to Dads, to level of hope, faith, culture, etc., 15 different factors in all.

We expect to see the results soon, as they are due out in November. To give you an idea of what we are uncovering, here are some views we have found:

We found that almost two-thirds of women surveyed in the U.S. don’t believe that abortion is the same as murder. Their world view has been modified in a variety of ways such that taking a life before birth somehow seems different (and more acceptable), than taking a life after birth. Note that as we also sampled women in Africa, and found they have a more realistic view of abortion. We have a lot of work to do in our churches, schools, and culture to change these world views. Our research is going to point to some of the avenues for constructing a more accurate world view for women. Stay tuned.

For more information on the Women’s Health Study, please contact Vitae Foundation’s Pro-Life Research Manager, Elizabeth Parker at