This Mother’s Day, as you reflect on your mother, grandmothers or any woman that helped raise you, please take a moment to reflect on the women who didn’t want to be mothers because of circumstances in their lives.  We celebrate the women who made a difficult choice to bring life into this world because of those circumstances.  We pray for those who have made a life-ending decision.  We must reach those struggling with this decision today! 

During this pandemic, women have increased fears of continuing with an unplanned pregnancy, and the abortion industry is right there, feeding on their fears.  The Vitae Foundation needs your help to continue reaching women in this situation because Planned Parenthood raised $700,000 on Tuesday—just for Southeast New England!  Vitae has a presence there, but because of this influx of money our job is even more difficult.   

Your donation today will help us reach the same women Planned Parenthood will be targeting in New England and in abortion hot spots across the country. 

 Rhode Island Ranks Top 10 Per Capita for Abortion Rates 

It’s important for people to understand that even though Rhode Island is a small state, they are in the top 10 per capita for abortion rates.  That’s what Rachel Nguyen of Harmony Women’s Care Center, one of Vitae’s Alpha sites, wants you to know. 

“We are no doubt an abortion hub, even though we are a tiny state.  Sadly, twenty-five percent of all pregnancies in the state of Rhode Island end in abortion,” Harmony’s executive director stated.  “We’re really seeing a pervasive darkness here.” 

Part of that darkness is because they have a similar law as New York, one which enshrines abortion in state law.  Restrictions were removed for purposes of a woman’s health, which is poorly defined.  Women can have an abortion in the state of R.I. all the way until birth. 

Fortunately, Harmony’s services are far-reaching because of their New England location.  They can positively impact women’s lives in three states, including Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Three years ago, Vitae collaborated with Harmony in its Inbound Market Study and the results were exceptional. 

“We had an incredibly successful experience with your Inbound project.  Our patient numbers increased by 56 percent over the prior year.  Even after the project ended, the ongoing impact has been very positive for us because we learned a lot from that process,” Nguyen shared.  

Nguyen believes they are uniquely positioned as a “guinea pig center” because they are willing to experiment with new ideas and take risks.   

“Whatever we learn here is probably going to be effective and helpful anywhere, because the overwhelming impact of abortion here makes us one of the darkest places in the nation,” Harmony’s director stated.  

Experimentation is a good way to describe what Vitae will be doing with the Alpha Centers.  What works in one section of the country might not work in another.  What Vitae does know is when you apply the research to an ad that has only a millisecond to catch the attention of the abortion-determined woman, words matter.  In New England, Vitae will cast a wider and more effective net. 

“Our relationship with Vitae has been such a valuable one.  I’m so very excited to become an Alpha center because we know our previous experience was amazing.  We were busy with tons of calls.  We saw a huge increase in our patient load, and it was just a thrill to see that,” Nguyen noted.  “Vitae has decades of experience in dealing with abortion-minded patients, so being able to learn from you and refine our strategies will be exciting.”   

There are three main abortion facilities in Rhode Island, all in Providence.  The biggest one is operated by Planned Parenthood, just a mile down the road from Harmony.  It is the biggest in terms of volume, and they do 20-week abortions on a regular basis.  At Women’s and Children’s Hospital they do abortions up to 9 weeks.  That facility is a rotation for the Brown University Medical School, where they train doctors how to perform abortions.   

The timing of this venture with Harmony is a good one.  Harmony is gearing up to expand to a larger facility.  They are ready for an increased patient load. 

“We want to increase our visibility out in the community, and we want to have more of an impact on the state and region,” Nguyen stated.  “We think Vitae is going to help us get there because you have in fact done that for us in the past.  It’s really an exciting moment for us.”   

We need your help today!  Please donate $25, $50, $100 or $500 to help Vitae reach women contemplating an abortion and connect them with life-affirming resources.