Fox News Contributor and Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz visited Jefferson City, Missouri, to share his story and encourage the nearly 1,000 attendees to follow Vitae’s lead in using the #ProWomanApproach to save lives.

Chaffetz shared the story of his childhood and the hardships that he went through. “If you looked at me growing up, you would’ve had no idea that my parents died from cancer; that they were divorced; or that my Dad filed for bankruptcy. I had a smile on my face; you could not tell. I didn’t share this with anybody.”

Jason drew parallels between his life and the lives of those facing unplanned pregnancies. When women are facing things like this, they are going to try and solve the problem alone. Jason said, “I wish they would sit down with someone and get some good advice, but that first step is going to be picking up that phone.”

Chaffetz told the audience, “Vitae has done the research to know how to be there at the moment that women need them. They can provide them the information and the messages that will work so the women can make the right decision at the right time. That is why your presence and your contribution mean so much.”

Jason reflected on his life by saying, “It is oftentimes the hardest things that you go through that give you the character, the fortitude, the backbone, to make you who you are today.”

Vitae President Debbie Stokes also spoke at the event saying, “If the weakest among us have no value, if women feel that abortion is their only option, then we have failed them.” She told the audience, “I don’t think anyone here is willing to tolerate that.”

Senior Market Director Stacey Kromer explained the success Vitae has seen when a pregnancy center in Parkville, Missouri, implemented a website chat tool. “From October to November alone, they realized a 75 percent increase in ultrasounds and a 176 percent increase in pregnancy tests. It works!”

Thanks to the support received, Vitae is making an impact on the abortion issue and is saving the lives of women and children. Together we can change the culture!