May 5th—That is our deadline. That is the date you need to write on your mirror and remember to pray for each and every morning with urgency and immense fervor.

May 5th is the day that could determine if voters enshrine abortion as a right in our state’s constitution on the November ballot. It’s important to realize that if it passes, this amendment could allow abortion up until BIRTHeliminate safety regulations and parental consent laws, and will appropriate our tax dollars for abortion. How devastating this would be for the people of our state.

The thing is, the amendment does all of those things, but disguises the implications using clever language, and people are falling victim to it. Several states have already amended their constitutions, which shows how effective their strategies are. If this can pass in a state like Missouri, arguably the most pro-life state in the country, it can pass anywhere in the nation.

We must love people enough to tell them the truth. We must not let our fear of rejection, judgment, harassmentor negative reactions stop us. Rather, we should boldy and graciously inform people about how dangerous this petition really is. Listen to our educational radio ad.

May 5th.

We can stop all of this if we can just reach people in the next few weeks and ask them tdecline to sign this petition. Decline when you are walking into a coffee shop and someone with a clipboard asks if you would help fight for “women’s healthcare”-a LIE. Decline when you and your kids are walking out of your local library, and they ask you if you will sign to “protect women’s rights”- a LIE. Decline when a person wearing an “End the Abortion Ban” t-shirt asks you to sign and tells you that abortion is healthcare- a LIE

Click here for a pocket guide to use when you encounter a signature gatherer.

We know what excellent women’s healthcare looks like and it does not immediately take the life of one patient and gradually take the life of the other.

This is urgent.  

Over the next couple of weeks, their efforts will become desperate. We have to meet their desperation with an equal amount to stop them from gathering enough signatures to put it on the November ballot. Iit makes it on to the ballots we will have the fight of our lives.

Join us in spreading the word to everyone you know. Tell your churches, your family, your yoga instructor, your bingo club, your child’s soccer coach, the person behind you in the grocery checkout line...tell them to Decline to Sign.

We must love our neighbors, our friends, and our families enough to tell them the truth so that Missouri doesn’t become a place where generations end, and where women and men begin a lifetime of sorrow. We must work together to build a future where abortion is unthinkable.

With heartfelt gratitude, 

Brandy Meeks