Woman Searching for Abortion Finds Thrive woman’s Clinic

“Heather” came in with her boyfriend seeking abortion information.  Years ago, she had been pregnant and had taken the abortion pill.  She had such severe complications that she had to be hospitalized for bleeding and needed to have several blood transfusions.  Fearing she would experience the same issues with this pregnancy, she searched for abortion information and found Thrive Women’s Clinic, Dallas through an online ad created by Vitae.   

The first sonogram they had at Thrive was too early to determine the baby’s heartbeat, so they returned several weeks later for an additional sonogram.  This time the baby’s father met with a Thrive male advocate.  They talked a long time about being a father and the responsibilities involved.  That day the sonogram showed a 7-week-old baby, and Heather and her boyfriend also decided to keep the baby.  They both signed up for Thrive’s educational parenting program.  Weeks later during another appointment, they shared they would be getting married.