Divine Appointment Saves A Child’s Live

Jazmyn, a 22-year-old college student still living at home, arrived at Chicago’s Southside Pregnancy Center in need of help.  In her mind, abortion was a practical solution for her situation.  She didn’t want to be an unwed mother; didn’t want to tell her parents; and she admitted she was scared and felt “stuck.”  She had a supportive boyfriend, but there was no talk of marriage.  

After seeing her 14-week-old baby on the ultrasound screen and listening to the sound of her tiny child’s beating heart—something quickened in Jazmyn.  She had no idea, in fact, all the young women we see have no idea they’re walking into a Divine Appointment when they find Southside.  

That day, God transformed Jazmyn’s heart.  That day, a child’s life was saved.  Jazmyn will forever be changed because of the LIFE decision she made that day.  Results like that are only possible through a DIVINE APPOINTMENT!