Vitae Ad Saves Woman Who Googles “Abortion Pill” 

After seeing a positive line on an at-home pregnancy test, “Johanna” quickly searched online for information on the “abortion pill.”  Vitae’s ad for Thrive Orlando came up, sent her to the Vitae page created specifically for Thrive, and offered her the help she needed.  

At the clinic, 37-year-old Johanna was shocked to find out she was 11 weeks pregnant.  The ultrasound showed her baby moving on the monitor.  All she could do was watch and take it all in.  Johanna accepted the ultrasound images.  The exit survey revealed that “Seeing the baby” had influenced her decision.  Going back into her circumstances, however, she once again found herself considering the possibility of abortion.   

Our follow-up calls now went unanswered and we lost contact, until this week.  To our great delight, when we tried once more, Johanna answered the phone and shared the wonderful news that she had given birth to a baby boy!  Her voice filled with joy as she shared the details of his birth.  Both mom and baby are thriving today.  We thank God for His infinite mercy and grace on us all! 


This moving story was provided by Irene Stephenson, Patient Services Director at Thrive Orlando.  It shows us the importance of a well-placed Vitae ad.  When women click on these ads, they are looking for someone to alleviate their fears.  The landing pages that Vitae creates lead her to powerful resources that help her make a life-affirming decision.  Even after leaving Thrive Orlando and still mulling over an abortion decision, “Johanna” ultimately took to heart what she’d seen and heard at Thrive.  There would have been no Christmas joy in her heart if she’d ended up at an abortion facility—and no baby.  As overseas abortion-pill marketing rachets up, these ads will become even more important.