The National Outreach Team has made themselves available to present and speak all across the U.S. about Vitae’s research. Bookings can be requested by contacting us directly.

Becky Hagan
With nearly ten years of experience in the pregnancy help movement, Becky Hagan is a new addition to Vitae Foundation’s Research and Education Team. In addition to sharing her personal story of unplanned, teenage pregnancies on the international speaking circuit, Becky brings experience in outreach and major gifts fundraising for pregnancy centers and international nonprofits to her role as research education coordinator.

Passionate about helping women before, during, and after pregnancy, Becky also serves on the board of Reproductive Loss Network, a faith-based nonprofit offering a biblical approach to miscarriage, abortion, and more. She and her family reside in Northern Louisiana.

Areas of Expertise: The abortion-minded perspective, marketing of chemical abortion, Vitae research & education trainings

Brandy Meeks
Brandy has been a leader in the Pro-Life Movement for well over a decade. Her passion and energy for the mission increased while she served as a pregnancy center director in her early years. Later, she was recruited as the director of marketing and research application at Vitae Foundation. Brandy and her husband Matt, went on to launch Cornerstone Marketing Strategies, building a company that assists pregnancy centers using research-backed digital marketing strategies.

In 2018, former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate, Abby Johnson, asked Brandy to join her as the vice president of operations at And Then There Were None to help more abortion workers leave the abortion industry while the movie Unplanned gained popularity. And after the Dobbs decision was announced in 2022, Brandy was pursued by Vitae Foundation’s board of directors to lead as the next president.

Areas of Expertise: Pregnancy center branding & marketing, abortion industry manipulation tactics

Megan Drapa
Megan joined Vitae Foundation’s Research and Education Team in 2016 as a strong advocate for women and life. Upon graduating from Boston College with a B.A. in psychology, Megan worked at Georgetown University Medical Center as a research project coordinator in the Department of Psychiatry.

Megan received a second bachelor’s degree in nursing, from Colorado State University. Megan has brought Vitae’s women-focused messaging and branding to life-affirming medical practices as well as to young women as editor of The Happy Girl’s Guide to Being Whole.

Areas of Expertise: Women’s healthcare, life-affirming medicine, applying Vitae’s research to ballot language, natural womanhood, reaching Gen Z, Vitae research & education

Rob Rysavy
Rob has a diverse background in religion, military, and education. As an ordained deacon for the Diocese of Colorado Springs, Rob has a fluent understanding of the challenges faced in our culture and the urgency for change.  Additionally, Rob’s experience as a retired Air Force colonel and an Air Force Academy graduate makes him an effective leader rooted in structure and persistence. Rysavy is also the former president of St. Mary’s High School in Colorado Springs, where he gained insight into the issues young people face in today’s culture.

Rob served as Vitae’s past president and previously served as the chair of  Vitae’s board of directors. His thirty-plus year commitment to the preborn is rooted in both faith and reason.

Areas of Expertise: Communicating using Vitae’s research, pro-life school and church outreach, and church programming