As you have read in previous newsletters, in 2021 Vitae conducted a Virtual Reality research study to build upon our foundation of seven Right Brain Research studies. Right Brain research delves into emotions, answering the deeper “why” behind consumer decisions. Because of the depth of that research into the human psyche, racial disparities are not evident. The purpose of the National Women’s Health Study was to explore external economic and cultural factors (rather than internal) to gain a better understanding of how they may contribute to the abortion decision process. Using this research survey method, Vitae was able to identify trends that could help refine message delivery for African American, Hispanic, Caucasian, and Asian women.

Phase One of the study involved surveying nearly 600 women in a virtual reality environment. This phase has been completed. Phase Two will use the research findings and the expertise of Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, to design a complementary research endeavor that explores racial disparities in the emotional motivators in abortion decision-making. Phase Three will apply the findings to messaging and explore the most appropriate method of delivery based on the racial group.

Phase Four will be sharing the study findings and their application to pregnancy help centers and other pro-life peers. During this phase, we also plan to develop a documentary, podcasts, and radio ads for students on HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) campuses. These outreach efforts will be based on the information we are gleaning from the study.